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1600℃/1700℃/1750℃/1800℃ Electric Box Furnaces


  • 产品描述
    • Commodity name: 1600℃/1700℃/1750℃/1800℃ Electric Box Furnaces
    • Commodity ID: 0003

    1600℃/1700℃/1750℃/1800℃ Electric Box Furnaces


    Box Furnace Application

    This series of electric furnace is a batch-type furnace, applied in universities, research institutes, enterprises R&D centers, quality inspection units, processing industry and other units for high temperature sintering, metal annealing and oxidation experiments. It is mainly used for sintering and oxidation experiments of ceramic, composite, metal, nano, functional, thermoelectric and crystal materials, etc.


    Product Features of Stainless Steel Series

    Elegant Appearance——Firstly created sheathing material in China, adopting customized stainless steel embossed board.

    Novel Design——Unique structure design, without solder joints nor machining marks on the surface.

    Green and Environmental-friendly——The material is environmentally-friendly and reliable without spraying nor organic matters.

    Safe and Durable——Preventing corrosion of the surface in case of solution dripping.


    Product Features

    Structural Practicality

    With advanced air heat insulation and thermal technology, when the surface temperature of the furnace body reaches 50℃, the cooling fan will start automatically, rapidly cooling the outer case.

    Safety in Use

    Door switch turns off the furnace once the door is open.

    Over-temperature protection shuts down the furnace and raises an alarm if temperature is outside of acceptable range.

    Leakage protection powers off the furnace if it leaks electricity.

    Intelligent Control

    The temperature control system adopts artificial intelligence adjustment technology, with PID tuning, fuzzy control and self-tuning functions. A variety of heating and cooling programs can be programmed, with maximum 50 segments programmable. Built-in RS485 communications port, allowing the user to connect to a PC for remote control, real-time tracking, history recording and exporting test results.

    Unique Design

    With beautiful appearance, reasonable structure and easy-to-operate function, the equipment is a patented product, enjoying a number of independent intellectual property rights.

    Product Features of 1600℃/1700℃/1750℃/1800℃ Electric Furnace

    1.With uniform temperature field and rapid heating features, those high quality silicon molybdenum bars with the surface temperature of 1700℃ are scientifically arrayed in the furnace chamber.

    2.Current limiting function extends life of silicon molybdenum bar and prevents the risk of high current shock to the equipment to ensure safety in use.

    3.Current slow-start function makes the current gradually flow through silicon molybdenum bars from low to high level, preventing breakdown or other damages to the bars caused by instantaneous excessive current.

    Technical parameters

    The last item in the product model indicates the instrument configuration(options)

    Model Rated 
    Rated voltage Volume Maximum emperature Heat-up
    Heating element
    SX-B03163 4KW AC220V 3L 1600℃ 0-1200℃<10℃/min,
    ±1℃ Silicon molybdenum
    SX-B03173 5KW AC220V 3L 1700℃ 0-1200℃<10℃/min,
    ±1℃ Silicon molybdenum
    SX-B08173 5KW AC380V 8L
    SX-B03173M 5KW AC220V 3L 1750℃ 0-1200℃<10℃/min,
    ±1℃ Silicon molybdenum
    SX-B08173M 5KW AC380V 8L
    SX-G03183 5KW AC220V 3L 1800℃ 0-1200℃<10℃/min,
    ±1℃ Silicon molybdenum
    SX-G18183 18KW AC380V 18L


    Model Temperature
    Chamber dimensions
    without heating element
    SX-B03163 50segments program controller 150*190*180mm 150*140*140mm 550*500*852mm
    SX-B03173 50segments program controller 150*190*180mm 150*140*140mm 667*629*1023mm
    SX-B08173 250*255*200mm 250*180*180mm 765*750*1600mm
    SX-B03173M 50segments program controller 150*190*180mm 150*140*140mm 667*629*1023mm
    SX-B08173M 300*310*285mm 300*250*250mm 675*695*1050mm
    SX-G03183 50segments program controller 150*190*160mm 150*140*140mm 687*629*1023mm
    SX-G18183 300*300*285mm 300*250*250mm 764*749*1584mm


    SX-B03163:Max temperature 1600℃; Working temperature 850℃-1550℃            
    SX-B03173 & SX-B08173: Max temperature 1700℃; Working temperature 800℃-1650℃            
    SX-B03173M & SX-B08173M: Max temperature 1750℃; Working temperature 800℃-1700℃            
    SX-B03183 & SX-B18183: Max temperature 1800℃; Working temperature 800℃-1750℃            

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